18 July 2020. A day that our team will most probably treasure for years to come.

In recent celebration of Tata Madiba’s birthday, we had the honour of teaming up with @zeldalagrangesa former private secretary to Nelson Mandela and the incredibly inspiring @kolisi_foundation .

Together, with various other contributors like Boxer, Pic n Pay, Marina Sea Salt & Sexy Socks we supported beneficiaries in and around Hermanus with hundreds of food parcels. Parcels that were strategically designed to provide food & sanitary support to a family of six people for one month.

What an honour to add our Start Well meals to every beneficiary package.

We are quick to share the area, number of parcels, kilograms of cereal, head counts that served and was served, but what we saw and experience was far greater than what was measured.

“We don’t want to create a country of beggars, but we will help those we can and continue to help them until we have a country that can help themselves.”

We witnessed human beings from many walks of life come together for 1 simple reason, to help & Serve.

There was so much humility and joy as everyone jumped in to pack, sort and carry. There was an eagerness to take action, to contribute to hope and change for our beautiful country. There was an awareness of pain, hunger and poverty, but an overarching bridge of hope and possibilities.

We are so grateful to do what we do and serve alongside incredible people.

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